AstroNote 2020-152

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2020-08-12 08:22:43
Type: Object/s-Discovery/Classification
Spectroscopic classification of ZTF20abqvsik / AT2020rcq
Authors: Laurane Lisa Fréour, Cecilie Koeertz Wedderkopp, Louise Vandbæk Kroer, Yasmin Jundiyeh (DTU Space), Rene T. Rasmussen (DTU Space), Anne Kolborg, Johan Fynbo (U Copenhagen), Jesper Sollerman (OKC), Steve Schulze (WIS)
We report the spectroscopic classification of AT 2020rcq as a Type Ia supernova.

Observations were carried out on the night of 12 August 2020 using the ALFOSC spectrograph mounted on the 2.56-m Nordic Optical Telescope at Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, La Palma, Spain.

The spectrum was obtained with 1-arcsec slit and grism #4 covering the spectral range from 3500-9400 AA. The integration of the spectrum is 400 s.

SNID (Blondin & Tonry 2007 2007ApJ...666.1024B) gives excellent matches with various Type Ia SN templates well before maximum. It will unfortunately be difficult to follow this young, nearby SN Ia due to observational constraints.

The source was initially reported in

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CatalogNameReported RAReported DECReported Obj-TypeReported RedshiftHost NameHost RedshiftRemarksTNS RATNS DECTNS Obj-TypeTNS Redshift
TNS2020rcq [ZTF20abqvsik]11:57:14.680+49:17:32.00UGC 069300.00259211:57:14.680+49:17:31.99SN Ia0.002597