AstroNote 2020-173

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2020-09-04 18:03:47
Type: Object/s-Discovery/Classification
HET classification of AT2020rkz as a Type Ib/c SN
Authors: Benjamin Thomas (UT Austin), J. Craig Wheeler (UT Austin), Jozsef Vinko (U Szeged)
We report the classification of AT2020rkz as a Type Ib/c SN, and describe the ambiguities therein.

AT2020rkz (ZTF20abpzatb) was observed on the 30th August 2020 with the blue arm of the Low Resolution Spectrograph-2 (LRS2-B) mounted on the Hobby Eberly Telescope (HET) at McDonald Observatory, Texas. The spectrum was integrated for 2700s and had a 20wavelength coverage of 3640-6950 AA.

Spectroscopic classification was performed with SNID (Blondin & Tonry 2007 2007ApJ...666.1024B). The five best matching templates are of Type Ib and Type IIb SNe around maximum light and at a redshift of z=0.1. Type Ic SN templates also provide reasonable fits to the observed spectrum, and we tentatively classify this object as a Type Ib/c SN. This object was selected as a SLSN candidate due to the long rise time exhibited by the ZTF light curve. We note that the phase determined by SNID is around 10 days earlier than that measured from the available photometry.

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CatalogNameReported RAReported DECReported Obj-TypeReported RedshiftHost NameHost RedshiftRemarksTNS RATNS DECTNS Obj-TypeTNS Redshift
TNS2020rkz [ZTF20abpzatb]02:45:17.211+40:51:00.77SN Ib/c0.102:45:17.211+40:51:00.77SN Ib/c0.1