AstroNote 2021-109

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2021-04-04 14:52:50
Type: Object/s-Discovery/Classification
YSE Spectroscopic Classifications of Optical Transients with the NOT
Authors: C. R. Angus (DARK, U Copenhagen), C. Rojas-Bravo, R. J. Foley (UC Santa Cruz)
Source Group: YSE
We report spectroscopic classifications of 3 optical transients, including two SNe Ia and one SN IIb.
The Young Supernova Experiment  (YSE; Jones et al. 2021 2021ApJ...908..143J), reports the following supernova classifications.  Targets were supplied by the Young Supernova Experiment, the ATLAS survey (Smith et al. 2020 2020arXiv200309052S) and by the Zwicky Transient Facility ZTF (Bellm et al. 2019 2019PASP..131a8002B). Observations were performed on the ALFOSC spectrograph on the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT) telescope on the night of 03/04/2021. Classifications were performed using SNID (Blondin & Tonry 2007 2007ApJ...666.1024B) and superfit (Howell et al. 2005 2005ApJ...634.1190H).
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CatalogNameReported RAReported DECReported Obj-TypeReported RedshiftHost NameHost RedshiftRemarksTNS RATNS DECTNS Obj-TypeTNS Redshift
TNS2021gyh [ZTF21aaqprjz]13:03:51.861-03:27:06.28SN Ia0.08Redshift from SN template matching13:03:51.861-03:27:06.28SN Ia0.08
TNS2021hlp [ZTF21aardybv]10:33:40.956-03:42:23.94SN Ia0.065LCRS B103108.7-032651Redshift measured from host galaxy lines10:33:40.950-03:42:23.91SN Ia0.065
TNS2021fsb [PS21bsq]10:20:56.665-00:22:25.25SN IIb0.0535WISEA J102056.63-002227.70.0535037Redshift from the host galaxy10:20:56.665-00:22:25.25SN IIb0.0535