Name Active Survey name Affiliation Owner(s) Remarks URL Groups
ALeRCE Y ZTF fforster Young SN candidates in ZTF classified by ALeRCE
ALERT_WSRT_bot Y ALERT ASTRON / University of Amsterdam ebpetroff Bot for uploading fast radio burst (FRB) events detected by the ALERT survey on the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope ALERT
Alto2000_Bot Y Alto2000 Alto2000_BOT
ANTARES_bot Y ZTF NSF's NOIRLab lee Bot for ANTARES time-domain event broker
ASASSN_Bot1 Y ASAS-SN OSU dongsubo, brojonat ASAS-SN survey machine ASAS-SN
Astro-COLIBRI Y Astro-COLIBRI IRFU, CEA, Université Paris-Saclay Visualisation and overview of transient activity
Atlas_Bot Y Atlas Survey atlas850
ATLAS_Bot1 Y ATLAS QUB ksmith ATLAS Survey machine
AUFLOWS_BOT Y AUFLOWS Aarhus University, Department of Physics and Astronomy emirk This bot is for TNS queries of recently classified SNe for the purpose of obtaining followup observations as part of the Aarhus University supernova group, under the FLOWS project. It is not expected to make reports or bulk uploads.
AutoPhOT_Bot Y AutoPhOT University College Dublin TNS query bot for AutoPhOT
BHTOM_Bot Y BHTom University of Warsaw mjablonska
BlackGEM_Bot1 Y BlackGEM Radboud University nblago BlackGEM
Brallo_Bot Y GB Survey osservatorio GB
BraTS_bot Y BraTS BraTS cjacqueslf Brazilian Transient Survey machine BraTS
BTDG_Bot Y BTDG Harvard University sgomez, griffin
CHIME_FRB_bot Y CHIMEFRB andrewzwaniga, pboyle, chitrang.patel CHIMEFRB is a real-time search engine that processes data from the CHIME Telescope to search for signatures of Fast Radio Bursts.
CIERA_Bot Y ZTF CIERA - Northwestern University stroh TNS queries for Northwestern University
CNEOST_bot1 Y PTSS PMO binli
CRTS_bot N CRTS Caltech ajd CRTS
DB_bot1 Y DECam Base Supernova Survey djbrout
DESGW_Bot Y DESGW Fermilab tgbachmann, smithm, kherner GW candidate/known transient comparison bot. DESGW
DESIRT_Bot Y DECam Search for Intermediate Redshift Supernovae Texas A&M University jwyang
DLT40_bot1 Y DLT40 UC Davis valenti, dsand DLT40 Survey machine DLT40
ePESSTOplus_Bot1 Y ePESSTO+ WIS/QUB oyaron, David Young, ksmith ePESSTO+
ePESSTO_Bot1 Y ePESSTO WIS/QUB oyaron, David Young, ksmith ePESSTO survey machine ePESSTO
eRO_transient Y eROSITA MPE amalyali
Fink Y ZTF CNRS JulienPeloton, anaismoller, emilleishida Early SN candidates in the ZTF public alert stream classified by Fink
FRBCAT_bot Y FRBCAT FRBCAT website ebpetroff
Fritz Y ZTF dmitryduev ZTF
Gaia_Bot1 Y Gaia Cambridge, UK simonhodgkin, malvl, yoldas Gaia survey machine GaiaAlerts
Gattini_Bot Y Palomar Gattini-IR Caltech kde Palomar Gattini-IR NIR survey Gattini
GOTO_bot Y GOTO GOTO jdl, mkennedy Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer GOTO
HSC_Bot Y HSC NAOJ moriyatk Transient survey with Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam HSC
IACBot Y IAC IAC camilojimenez
IMSNG_bot Y IMSNG Seoul National University changsu Intense Monitoring Survey of Nearby Galaxies (IMSNG)
iPTF_Bot1 Y iPTF Caltech ycao, mansi, nblago iPTF survey machine iPTF
Irura Nyiha Y Lasair Irura_Nyiha
LasairTest_bot2 Y Lasair QUB, ROE ksmith This is a test bot for use in a tutorial. It will be destroyed once the tutorial is over. Lasair
Lasair_bot Y Lasair QUB, ROE ksmith, roywilliams, David Young A bot for retrieving data for Lasair ATLAS
LePleiadi_Bot Y Pantane Survey nderio
LOSS Y Lick Observatory Supernova Search UC Berkeley benstahl92
LSQ_Bot1 Y LSQ Yale University oyaron LSQ survey machine
MAGIC_Bot Y MAGIC INFN aberti Bot for queries for the MAGIC telescopes.
MASTER Y MASTER MASTER Global Robotic Net lipunov MASTER
MeerLICHT_Bot1 Y MeerLICHT Radboud University nblago MeerLICHT
MLBG_bot Y MLBG bartscheers
Name and Redshift Retriever Y STScI Transient Group STScI srest2021 Get object name and redshift for list of transients
Nico_Bot Y Nico Survey nicola.stancampiano
OAPA_bot Y INAF-OAPa surveys INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo inaf-oapa
OGLE_Bot1 Y OGLE Warsaw lukasz OGLE
OSC Retriever Y Open Supernova Catalog Harvard guillochon Retrieve data for OSC
Padova-Asiago Y Asiago INAF -OAPD enrico.cappellaro Padova-Asiago
PEPPER_Bot Y PEPPER LJMU, University of Warwick, University of Sheffield, The Liverpool Telescope blancmatter PEPPER: Polarimetric transient followup programme on the Liverpool Robotic Telescope
PESSTO_Bot1 Y PESSTO WIS/QUB David Young, ksmith, oyaron PESSTO survey machine
PGAO_Bot1 Y Global Supernova Search Team (GSNST) Prince George Astronomical Observatory malhar1994, GSNST PGAO Survey Machine GSNST
PS1_Bot1 Y Pan-STARRS1 QUB David Young, ksmith Pan-STARRS1 survey machine
PS2_Bot1 Y Pan-STARRS2 QUB ksmith, David Young Pan-STARRS2 survey machine Pan-STARRS1
PS_YSE_Bot1 Y Pan-STARRS Young Supernova Experiment QUB, UCSC ksmith, davidjones Bot for the Pan-STARRS Young Supernova Experiment Pan-STARRS1
REFITT_BOT Y REFITT kweil, dmilisavljevic REFITT
Ricerca_Bot Y OmegaGroup robermus, Automated Supernova Search via Robotic Telescopes. RTSG
SAGUARO_Bot1 Y SAGUARO University of Arizona/Steward Observatory mlundquist SAGUARO
SCiMMA_bot Y scimma SCiMMA myNameIsPatrick
SGLF_bot1 Y SGLF Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias ipf, raphaelshirley
ShefQuery Y ShefQuery University of Sheffield ufburhanudin TNS queries for University of Sheffield
SIRAH_Bot Y SIRAH Rutgers mdai SIRAH
skyportal Y ZTF public UC Berkeley jsbloom1
SLSNe Y ATLAS, ZTF University of Birmingham dryczanowski Search for candidate lensed supernovae by looking for supernovae near galaxy clusters
smt_bot Y SkyMapper ANU anaismoller, btucker, patrickA SkyMapper survey machine.
SNAD_bot Y SNAD malanchev
SRT Y LILIO Parco Astronomico Lilio abrosio
TAU_NUC Y TAU Nuclear Transients Tel Aviv University benny.trakht
TCD_search Y TCD_search Trinity College Dublin Simon Prentice, katemaguire TCD
TDEpy Y TDEpy Muryel Guolo Pereira
tess1 Y TESS MIT mmfausnaugh
UCSCTr_Bot1 Y UCSC Transient Team UC Santa Cruz cesar.rojasbravo UCSC
UCSC_GW_Bot Y 1M2H UC Santa Cruz davecoulter
VAST Search Bot Y VAST University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee marxide Searches for cross-matches from the Variable and Slow Transients survey with the ASKAP radio telescope.
WiFeS_Bot Y WiFeS ANU hja
WISeREP_Bot Y WISeREP oyaron Bot for WISeREP connectivity
WIS_Bot1 Y WIS testing WIS oyaron, nikola A Bot for internal testings ePESSTO, ePESSTO+, iPTF, PESSTO, ZTF
YSE_Bot1 Y Young Supernova Experiment UCSC, QUB ksmith, djones1741 Bot for the Young Supernova Experiment YSE
YSE_progenitors Y YSE YSE_Northwestern ckilpatrick
ZTF_AMPEL_Partnership Y ZTF AMPEL (HU Berlin) for the Zwicky Transient Facility jnordin Bot for automatic submission of private ZTF candidates. ZTF
ZTF_bot Y ZTF MPA Garching rcanamer
ZTF_Bot1 Y ZTF oyaron, cfremling ZTF
ZTF_TESS Y ZTF_TESS ZTF cfremling ZTF SN candidates within TESS fields.