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The KEGS-C14 catalog was added to the TNS, consisting of ~14500 galaxies (PI: Rest).

If willing to receive email notifications whenever a newly reported transient is found to coincide with a galaxy of this catalog,

please remember to check the KEGS-C14 checkbox at the bottom of the MY ACCOUNT page.

We added a display of the PS1 color stamp on the Object page, next to the SDSS thumbnail.

The PS1 stamp (if within the footprint) should become visible within ~1 hr after the appearance of a new object.


Improved cone search (on both the search page and in reporting of a new object) to handle computer truncation/rounding problems.

Corrected update of object discoverymag & discmagfilter when object switches to being public.


The TNS now manages LIGO GW events, creating for every newly detected event skymaps showing the known public TNS transients that are found to be within the localization contours.
The data of the new events are accessible only to members of groups that are part of the LV-EM MOU.
See the explanations of LIGO GW Events on our help page.

A mechanism for association of TNS transients with sources of external catalogs is now active on the TNS, with KEGS being the first such ext. catalog.
  • Whenever a new object is reported to the TNS, a cone search is performed vs sources of the active external catalogs.
  • Every registered TNS user can set on his "My Account" page if he/she wishes to receive immediate email notifications when a new association is found for any of the listed active catalogs.
  • In the search page, under "Advanced search", it's possible to list all objects associated with the selected catalog.
  • In the object page, there's a note for association of the object with ext. catalog/s - "Separated X arcsec from...".


If you're using the Chrome browser, check our Chrome extension for a quick link to the TNS search utilities.
From whichever webpage you're on, quickly query the TNS by an object name or coordinates, unclassified ATs or the known classified SNe, and more...
The extension can be downloaded from here:
Comments/suggestions are clearly welcome. Enjoy.