LIGO GW Event GW150914, 2015-09-14 09:50:45
Event NameGW150914 Classification
Event Datetime2015-09-14 09:50:45 Distance [Mpc] (Err)
Instruments Metadata LIGO_-_GW20150914_095045.json

TNS Transients discovered BEFORE the GW event
(within date range 2014-09-14 - 2015-09-14)

TNS Transients discovered AFTER the GW event
(within date range 2015-09-14 - 2015-09-28)

TNS Transients within localization

No objects found
Namesort ascendingRADECTypeDiscovery DateDiscovery MagFilterSource GroupProbabilitySigma
AT 2015ca10:04:01.572-06:28:25.482015-03-11 02:49:5518.7Bessel-KSUNBIRD0.9261842