Classification certificate for object 2018btm
TNS Classification Report No. 2121 [ 2018TNSCR.814....1T ]

Date Received (UTC): 2018-06-13 02:59:26
Sender: Mr. Michael Tucker
Group: SCAT

Michael A. Tucker, Dominick M. Rowan, Benjamin J. Shappee (IfA, UH Manoa), Subo Dong, Subhash Bose (KIAA, PKU) report/s a classification of object: SN 2018btm

Type: SN Ia
Redshift: 0.039

Remarks: The Spectral Classification of Astronomical Transients (SCAT) survey reports the classification of ASASSN-18kn (SN2018btm) as a Type Ia supernova roughly a month after maximum light. The observations were taken with the SuperNova Integral Field Spectrograph (SNIFS) on the University of Hawaii 88-inch (UH88) telescope ranging from 330-970nm. The classification was determined using a library of supernovae spectra (SNID, Blondin & Tonry 2007, ApJ, 666, 1024). The spectrum also matches that of a 91bg-type SN Ia but the quality is too poor to say definitively.

The following Classification spectrum was provided:

Obsdate: 2018-06-12 01:14:52
Instrument: SNIFS
Telescope: UH 88inch

Remarks: Reduced using a quick-reduction pipeline, intended for classification and quick-look purposes. Care should be taken before re-using this spectrum for further analysis.

Details of the object and its spectra can be viewed here: