SN 2019baq
RA/DEC (2000)
12:22:01.420 +20:20:26.68
185.5059155 +20.3407453
Reporting Group
Discovering Data Source
Discovery Date
2019-02-24 08:58:09.000
Discovery Mag
J. Nordin, V. Brinnel, M. Giomi, J. van Santen (HU Berlin), A. Gal-Yam, O. Yaron, S. Schulze (Weizmann) on behalf of ZTF


 SN_2019baq - 2019-03-01 03:19:51 Ekar / AFOSC (Padova-Asiago)z=
 SN_2019baq - 2019-02-26 04:04:04 P60 / SEDM (ZTF)z=
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SelectIDObs-date (UT)Tel / InstExp-TimeObserver/sReducer/sGroupSpectrum ascii fileSpectrum fits fileSpec. TypeAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarks
35602019-03-01 03:19:51Ekar / AFOSC1200TaubenbergerBenetti, TomasellaPadova-Asiago tns_2019baq_2019-03-01_03-19-51_Ekar_AFOSC_Padova-Asiago.dat tns_2019baq_2019-03-01_03-19-51_Ekar_AFOSC_Padova-Asiago.fitsObjectPadova-Asiago
36112019-02-26 04:04:04P60 / SEDM1200SEDmRobotautoZTF tns_2019baq_2019-02-26_04-04-04_P60_SEDM_ZTF.asciiObjectZTF
Light Curves
FilterTel / InstObs-date rangePhotometry
orange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM12019-02-23 13:03:21 - 2019-03-03 11:48:282
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
549532019-03-03 11:48:2817.1550.0319.4ABMagorange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM130Robot
549522019-02-23 13:03:2118.62ABMagorange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM130Robot[Last non detection]
r-ZTFP48_ZTF-Cam2019-02-12 11:39:33 - 2019-02-24 08:58:483
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
541112019-02-24 08:58:4818.080.1618.4ABMagr-ZTFP48_ZTF-Cam30
541122019-02-24 08:58:0918.150.1518.32ABMagr-ZTFP48_ZTF-Cam30
541102019-02-12 11:39:3319.57ABMagr-ZTFP48_ZTF-Cam30[Last non detection]
AT Reports
IDTime received (UT)SenderReporter/sReportting groupDisc. Data SourceRADECDiscovery date (UT)Discovery Mag.FilterRelated filesAT TypeInternal nameAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarks
304642019-03-04 19:54:04ATLAS_Bot1J. Tonry, L. Denneau, A. Heinze, H. Weiland, H. Flewelling (IfA, University of Hawaii), B. Stalder (LSST), A. Rest (STScI), C. Stubbs (Harvard University), K. W. Smith, S. J. Smartt, D. R. Young, K. Maguire, S. J. Prentice, O. McBrien, D. O'Neill, P. Clark, M. Magee, M. Fulton, A. McCormack (Queen's University Belfast), D. E. Wright (University of Minnesota)ATLASATLAS12:22:01.512+20:20:27.112019-03-03 11:48:28.00017.155orange-ATLASPSNATLAS19drlATLAS
301092019-02-25 09:57:20ZTF_AMPEL_NEWJ. Nordin, V. Brinnel, M. Giomi, J. van Santen (HU Berlin), A. Gal-Yam, O. Yaron, S. Schulze (Weizmann) on behalf of ZTFZTFZTF12:22:01.420+20:20:26.682019-02-24 08:58:09.00018.08r-ZTFPSNZTF19aakoasyZTF
Classification Reports
IDTime received (UT)SenderClassifier/sGroupClassificationRedshiftRelated filesAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarksADS Bibcode
36042019-03-05 20:14:21ZTF_Bot1C. Fremling, A. Dugas (Caltech), Y. Sharma (IIT Bombay) on behalf of the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF)ZTFSN Ia0.022ZTF2019TNSCR2773....1F
35532019-03-01 11:26:24linatomaTaubenberger, Vogl, Schuldt, Fiore, Benetti, Cappellaro, Tomasella, Turatto Padova-AsiagoSN Ia0.033493Padova-AsiagoSpectrum similar to several type Ia SNe, about one week before B maximum. The redshift for the host galaxy is reported by Almeida et al. 2011, ApJ 735, 125 (via NED). Using this redshift, an expansion velocity of about 14200 km/s is derived from the SiII 635.5 nm minimum. 2019TNSCR.306....1T