SN 2021csp
RA/DEC (2000)
14:26:22.120 +05:51:33.17
216.592167 +5.859214
SN Icn
Related AstroNotes: 2021-62, 2021-64, 2021-76
Reporting Group
Discovering Data Source
Discovery Date
2021-02-11 12:12:05.760
Discovery Mag
Daniel Perley (LJMU), Yuhan Yao (Caltech), Anna Ho (UC Berkeley)


 SN_2021csp - 2021-02-13 05:36:02 LT / SPRAT (ZTF)z=
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SelectIDObs-date (UT)Tel / InstExp-TimeObserver/sReducer/sGroupSpectrum ascii fileSpectrum fits fileSpec. TypeAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarks
90162021-02-13 05:36:02LT / SPRAT1200LTbotPerleyZTF tns_2021csp_2021-02-13_05-36-01.600_LT_SPRAT_ZTF.specObjectZTF
Light Curves
FilterTel / InstObs-date rangePhotometry
cyan-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM12021-02-11 13:58:05 - 2021-02-11 13:58:051
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
1923102021-02-11 13:58:0518.0310.0719.76ABMagcyan-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM130Robot
orange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM12021-02-07 15:47:31 - 2021-02-07 15:47:311
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
1923092021-02-07 15:47:3119.54ABMagorange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM130Robot[Last non detection]
g-ZTFP48_ZTF-Cam2021-02-09 12:36:35 - 2021-02-11 12:12:062
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
1923052021-02-11 12:12:0618.110.06ABMagg-ZTFP48_ZTF-Cam
1923042021-02-09 12:36:3520.28ABMagg-ZTFP48_ZTF-Cam[Last non detection]
AT Reports
IDTime received (UT)SenderReporter/sReportting groupDisc. Data SourceRADECDiscovery date (UT)Discovery Mag.FilterRelated filesAT TypeInternal nameAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarks
993192021-02-12 14:17:52ATLAS_Bot1J. Tonry, L. Denneau, A. Heinze, H. Weiland (IfA, University of Hawaii), B. Stalder (LSST), A. Rest (STScI), C. Stubbs (Harvard University), K. W. Smith, S. J. Smartt, D. R. Young, S. Srivastav, O. McBrien, M. Fulton, J. Gillanders, C. Webb (Queen's University Belfast), T.-W. Chen (MPE), D. E. Wright (University of Minnesota), J. Anderson (ESO)ATLASATLAS14:26:22.125+05:51:33.212021-02-11 13:58:04.80018.031cyan-ATLASPSNATLAS21eweATLAS
993162021-02-12 12:50:35Daniel PerleyDaniel Perley (LJMU), Yuhan Yao (Caltech), Anna Ho (UC Berkeley)ZTFZTF14:26:22.120+05:51:33.172021-02-11 12:12:05.76018.11g-ZTFPSNZTF21aakilydZTFIdentified as a fast-rising transient in the ZTF fast-transient search pipeline. Confirmed by additional i-band observations by ZTF the same night and by subsequent Liverpool Telescope imaging.
Classification Reports
IDTime received (UT)SenderClassifier/sGroupClassificationRedshiftRelated filesAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarksADS Bibcode
90062021-02-22 14:07:28Daniel PerleyDaniel Perley (LJMU)ZTFSN Icn0.083ZTFPeak-light spectra show strong narrow/intermediate width P-cygni features of CIII, OIII, and CIV with no evidence of hydrogen or helium, very similar to SN 2019hgp (Gal-Yam et al., in prep) and the recently-reported SN 2021ckj (AstroNote 2021-71). Further discussion of the discovery of this transient is presented in AstroNote 2021-62. We classify this as a member of the newly-proposed "Icn" class.2021TNSCR.570....1P