Classification certificate for object 2016cbx
TNS Classification Report No. 214 [ 2016TNSCR.334....1B ]

Date Received (UTC): 2016-05-05 19:27:03
Sender: Mr. Dave Balam
Group: DAO_OTS

Dave Balam report/s a classification of object: SN 2016cbx

Type: SN Ia
Redshift: 0.015

Remarks: ASASSN-16es = 2016cbx - UT May 01.31. Cross-correlation with a template library shows ASASSN-16es to be a SN Ia shortly after maximum light. Our best fit is to SN 1991M at T = +3 days. The apparent host galaxy is SDSS J115054.45+021828.1 with no published redshift. The SNID fit yields a redshift of z = 0.015 for the supernova.

The following Classification spectrum was provided:

Obsdate: 2016-05-01 07:26:24
Instrument: Plaskett
Telescope: Dominion AStrophysical Observatory

Details of the object and its spectra can be viewed here: